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Military Food Heater

Still using traditional methods (like above) for heating military ration food? Our Military Food Heater solution requires no electricity, no fire, no preheating. Just add a small amount of water onto our heater and the food is warm in 5 – 10 minutes!

Military business

Our globally-successful product, MILITARY FOOD HEATER

MILITARY FOOD HEATER has been a perfect solution for soldiers around the world with their food. While on the field, soldiers NO LONGER need;

- Fire
- Pans and pots
- Electricity
- Pre-heating before-hand
- Boiled water

What they need is our warmer and a small amount of water or snow. The water will be instantly boiled in our heating bag, which then heats up the cans and pouches that contain food. Light, quick, safe, and a reasonable solution for military food has finally arrived!