Below are the news from EAG-Trading Group since 2004

Outdoor business


Our warmers are highly portable (thickness from 3mm) and light. It only requires the opening of a plastic package for the warmers to start heating. The models range from 5-hours to 24-hours for the duration (they are one-time use).

The warmers have been a success in winter-sport-related industries, as well as office workers with back pains and neck pains. Factory workers working in a cold temperature environment have also found our warmers to be the best solution for their daily routine.

We are now preparing a new package for the European market, but always open for private brand options under your own design and brand! OurĀ  manufacturer is OEM manufacturing the AIR-ACTIVATED PORTABLE WARMER brand in Japan, which is one of the top 5 in a huge Japanese market (more than one BILLION pieces of warmers sold per year). Therefore, the quality is the best you can find.

Military business

Our globally-successful product, MILITARY FOOD HEATER

MILITARY FOOD HEATER has been a perfect solution for soldiers around the world with their food. While on the field, soldiers NO LONGER need;

- Fire
- Pans and pots
- Electricity
- Pre-heating before-hand
- Boiled water

What they need is our warmer and a small amount of water or snow. The water will be instantly boiled in our heating bag, which then heats up the cans and pouches that contain food. Light, quick, safe, and a reasonable solution for military food has finally arrived!


LED product for automobiles

EAG-Trading’s Asian office is now an official exporter of high quality LED products for automobiles.

Habitare 09 (Helsinki, Finland)

EAG-Trading will be participating in Habitare 09 International Design Fair in Helsinki, FInland with Imabari Towel Japan project. Unpiatto brand will also be presented.

Date: September 9 -13, 2009

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Air-activated Warmer

There are hundreds of manufacturers producing similar air-activated portable warmers in the world, but with different results in the quality. EAG-Trading Group is representing a Japanese manufacturer, whose quality and the manufacturing method are the top in the industry.